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Awareness about what we eat and how it effects our health is growing. As agricultural corporations and fast food franchises have begun using genetically modified and synthetic ingredients in their foods, interest in natural alternatives is increasing.


St. Marcus Organics is determined to offer affordable sprout products to consumers in the organic market. Starting in 2010, St. Marcus Organics started to offer affordable sprout powders in quantities suitable for personal use. For quantities of 25 kg (55 lbs) and more visit our affiliated company Natural Sprout Co., LLC.


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No information is automatically collected by browsing this website. Sales made online will require customers to submit general information such as name, address, etc for St. Marcus Organics to process orders. This information is stored in an offline database and is used solely for company records. St. Marcus Organics will never share or sell any personal information gathered from your use of our website under any circumstances.