Better than extracts, sprouts are a nutritious whole food that
gives you a wide range of beneficial amino acids, enzymes, and phytochemicals to strengthen your body’s overall health.


What is sprout powder?

Sprouts are baby plants that we grow hydroponically for the cleanest quality product. The Sprouts are harvested when most nutritious, dehydrated at a low temperature to preserve fragile enzymes of the sprouts, and crushed into powder. Customers seek sprouts for their extraordinary nutrient-density which is dozens of times higher than that of mature plants. All our products are Certified Organic, documentation here.


How is sprout powder used?

A teaspoon quantity is added daily to a glass of water, juice, milk or smoothie. Liquids move nutrients into the body much faster and more effectively than a supplement capsule can be digested. Another alternative method is to sprinkle the same teaspoon over a meal. One order of St. Marcus sprout powder can last for months and costs less than other health supplements. You won’t be disappointed with your order!